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Reverse Osmosis under cabinet installation and garbage disposal installation.


Why should I install a Water Softener?
Did you know having a water softener can cut household expenses in cleaning supplies and detergents alone? It reduces water spotting caused by hard water and eliminates  the build up of hard water calcium deposits on all your facets.  It will also extend the life of all your house hold appliances and fixtures that use water.

Why should I install a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system?
Stop the waste. Get better quality  water without buying store bought bottled water.  Bottle water has preservatives added to its water so that it will have a longer shelf life.  You can get fresh pure water from an R/O faucet.

How often should  I have my R/O filters changed?
Manufactures recommend no longer than 1 year to change your filter.  If you go longer you run the risk of the filter not filtering the water at the quality that is would normally do. Also going over the allotted time to have your filters changed will put undo stress on your R/O system. 

What is a re-circulation pump?
It can be a conservation device to cut back the amount of time it takes for hot water to a shower or where ever it takes the longest for hot water to travel without wasting your water. Basically we are re-circulating  the water within the home instead of running the hot water down the drain in order to get the hot water through the pipes.

Why does the Water Heater need to be flushed? How often?
You should have your Water Heater flushed at least once a year. Flushing the Water Heater removes sediments and other deposits which can keep it from heating properly and causing it to run inefficiently.